Silver Linings

Hi everyone!

I apologize for neglecting my blog lately. I have had a lot of life changes in the past few months- some good and some challenging.

We made many trips to the Columbia Gorge

My beloved dog Boomer in December bit one of my neighbors. She was not seriously hurt- but I was forced to euthanize my baby boy. I was devastated. But as painful as this was and still is- this turned into a blessing.

We made lots of time for fetch- Boomers favorite

You ask how? Well…Boomer had a heart condition and instead of him having to suffer tremendous pain – he was able to end his life with little suffering.

When I was informed that I had 2 weeks to do it. I decided to make those the best two weeks of Boomers life. We went on a special adventure everyday! I had the time off work to be with Boomer and cherish each moment. I focused all my energy on making him happy. Let me tell you – he was happy!

We made several trips to the beach

I think he knew what was happening. He would sometimes look at me with sad eyes. But not in the way you think- he knew his body was failing him- and he was not going to be able to protect me anymore. He would try to reassure me. He was such a loyal companion.

Boomer was my loyal companion

In those last two weeks- Boomer, Jack and I had a great time. Due to the pandemic- Kelly my daughter, Boomers sister was not able to say goodbye in person. But Boomer did FaceTime quite a bit.

Boomer and Kelly before Kelly moved to Hawaii

I was worried how Jack would be without Boomer. Jack has started to come out of his shell and I am able to focus all my energy on him. So he is really starting to blossom- he still has anxiety and is stubborn. But he is learning to be less afraid and getting socialized. This wouldn’t have happened with Boomer teaching him to bark and growl at all the dogs. I am excited to see Jack gain his confidence. But I still miss Boomer.

Jack making friends on the beach! He can even go to dog parks now!

I can tell you I have probably shed enough tears to fill up a large lake. I felt very lost without Boomer. I pretty much completely shut down after Boomer died. I am grateful for the people in my life who stood by me even when I had nothing to give. I am lucky to have a great support system. It is in these trying times you see how much you have. 😀

Jon helping me have fun on a trip to the beach after Boomer passed

Another silver lining is that Jon and I reconnected after almost two years. Even though the relationship was fairly new-his love and support was very helpful. This really helped me get through the pain of losing my boy.

Outside the Vets office

Boomer was a truly amazing dog! I am glad that I was able to be a part of his life. I have so many memories- like the time he accidentally locked himself in the bathroom while we were gone and the mess he made everywhere. I just can say with all the shredded toilet paper and towels- it was a good thing we weren’t in Covid times.

One of my all time favorite pictures of Boomer and Kelly- one of my favorite memories during her battle with Leukemia

I also will never forget how he fell off the paddle board trying to get in my Kayak and had a complete panic attack on the water. I had to jump in the mountain lake and rescue him. All the people on shore saw him in his life vest and were commenting on what a great rescue dog he was. Kelly and I laughed because I had literally rescued him!

Boomer loved my Mom! She also was not able to say a goodbye as she moved a couple of months earlier

Although I may not have Boomer in my life anymore- I will always cherish the memories. He took care of me when Kelly had cancer, my Dad Died, I got a divorce, became an empty nester. Thank you Boomer for all the love and support you gave me! I miss you and I love you!

Life isn’t the same without Boomer.

There is never a good time to lose your dog. But I had the blessing of 2 weeks notice to make the end of his life special. The timing was perfect-I had extra time off work and the moral support I needed. And the morning that I was to put Boomer down – he almost passed away of natural causes. Sometimes you see the silver linings afterwards.


  1. What a nice surprise to see that you’re back to the blog again. I love all the photos of Boomer. He had a good life, but the photos do make me miss him and wish we had more time with him. But it’s good to be reminded of those happy times.


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