Pups Aboard the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

I had always wanted to ride the on the Oregon coast scenic railroad . I assumed it wasn’t an option for me, because I usually bring my dog with me when I go to the coast. On a whim I decided to look it up – on the off chance that Jack was allowed to go. Woot woot! Jack was indeed allowed to ride on the train! You are required to book a seat in the open air cars.

My ticket for the Oregon Coast Scenic Railway

I purchased the ticket and then feared that I would not be able to get Jack on the train- especially on the way back. He is not a fan of loud noises. Jack did not love riding the train – but he just curled up under the seat. The other dog on the train seemed to quite enjoy the experience.

This dog seemed to enjoy the ride

We started in Garibaldi and went to Rockaway Beach it is a round trip ride. You choose how long you get to spend before you return. It really made for a fun day!

Jack and My Mom on the train

Before you ride the train you might want to practice your royal wave. People would be lined up waiting for us to pass by. Everyone was eager to wave at the train! 😀

It was a beautiful day for a ride on the train

The Oregon Coast is stunning! I never tire of its beauty. This gave us the opportunity to sit back and relax and enjoy the ride.

The conductor was really nice! As we boarded the train – he gave lots of cuddles to Jack- even when he was wet from playing in the Ocean.




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