My latest Travel Disaster

As you may recall my last trip to Hawaii- I had a early morning flight and I nearly missed my plane because I slept through my alarm. I ended up having to Travel with just the clothes I was wearing. Check out my prior post for mor details of that trip. Traveling with the clothes on my back to Hawaii

Last time I discovered- you really don’t need that many clothes to have a great time in Hawaii-I will note that I did not travel light this time….

Once again, I got forced to book a ridiculously early flight- against my better judgment…I tried to prepare better so there would be no disasters. I had everything packed and in my car early. I stayed at my nephews house the night before to be closer to the airport and he was kind enough to give me a ride. This way there would be 2 of us, ensuring we were out the door at 3 am. Well…Best Laid Plans.…

I hardly slept I was so anxious. This, I expected. At 2:45 I went down to the car to change into my traveling clothes. I grabbed the things I needed from the car and then closed the trunk of my car. No sooner had I closed the trunk when I realized oh Crap! I just locked my only key in the trunk of my car. Yikes!!!!

I was so relieved to finally get to get on my first plane. I was completely exhausted and stressed.

I will spare you all the mundane details. I will just say- most locksmiths say they are 24 hours. But in actuality they open at 8 am. We did finally get one at 6am.

I enjoyed flying over the mountains as I left Colorado on my way to Hawaii

I had to reschedule my flights twice because of the delays with locksmiths. This trip is not entirely a pleasure trip. My daughter is having surgery and I am trying to get there to help her as she recovers. Unfortunately, I won’t make it to Hilo in time to see her before her surgery. I should land at the time she is checking in to the hospital. But I will still make it in time to drive her home from the hospital and help out.

It will be 18 hours of traveling when I arrive in Honolulu. I will have 12 hours in Honolulu before heading to Hilo.

I have been under extreme stress and completely exhausted before embarking on this adventure. A perfect recipe for disaster. A shout out to my nephew for his kindness and patience with me as we dealt with all this. I also should add my purse was in the car- Otherwise it would have been Sarah once again travels with the clothes on her back! 🤣

I just have to remind myself that at least I am here- everything worked out. It did cost me several hundred dollars- but in the end it will all be okay.


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