Life is full of Chapters

We all have many different chapters of our lives. I am in the process of one of the biggest changes of my life . It is terrifying, For the past 12 years I have owned and operated a Dog Walking Business. As of January 1st, I will no longer be part of the company that I created and founded. My business has been my baby. But as much as I loved it. It is time for me to close this chapter of my life.

I enjoyed many beautiful hikes over the years. With many furry friends.

Now is a time for reflection. My company has been with me through some of the most difficult times of my life: the loss of my father, my daughter’s battle with cancer, the loss of 2 of my (personal )dogs, my divorce and my battle with Covid -19. I am very grateful for all the people and furry friends who have helped along the way.

Photo competitions to lighten the mood- during my daughter’s battle with cancer

You are probably asking, why I am making such a drastic life change. Is Sarah having a midlife crisis? The answer is no. It had become increasingly clear that the demands of running the business were just too much for me. I contracted Covid 19 almost 17 months ago- unfortunately, I am not the same as I was before. I no longer am strong enough to handle the physical and mental demands of running a dog walking business. The more I tried to push through business as normal it became clear that I was not able to do everything that was expected of me.

As much as I tried to do what I could before I would barely make it through the day and come home sobbing- even when spending time with such cute dogs and cats

I feel very happy that I listened to my body and am making healing a priority. I am really grateful for my family’s support during this transition. Without them, I would not be able to prioritize my health. One can’t heal when in under a constant state of stress.

It’s really important to know your limits and make yourself and your health a priority.

But what does the next chapter hold? No one really knows,., But I do plan to launch my health coaching business, this is a more appropriate career for me. I am not strong enough to walk dogs all day (I suffer from exercise malaise), nor am I strong enough to work full time. I can work it around my health and energy. My disability from Covid can actually be an asset in this field. I know first hand what it is like to suffer from chronic illnesses.

Wherever I am animals will still be a big part of my life.

Change is scary and hard. But I know good things are in my future. 😀


  1. I’m excited for you and can’t wait to hear about your next chapter. I’m sure it will be full of adventure. ✈️🌴🏔🚞🐾🛶


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