Made my own Cashew Butter in a blender!!!

So today’s blog post is a different kind of adventure. Today I decided to make my own Cashew Butter. I am not someone who does a lot of canning- so I felt kind of proud of myself for this endeavor.

It is SO easy!!!! I just used a 1 pound bag of dry roasted cashews. I got mine at Natural Grocers. Added about 2 tsp of coconut oil and a little Himalayan Sea Salt. That’s it!!!!

I decided to make my own nut butter- because they are very expensive and most importantly most of them had sugar and or palm oils, ingredients that I try to avoid. You will love the taste of homemade nut butter. How could you not? You are in control of what it tastes like! 😀

When I first started to blend it turned into flour first. I was concerned it was going to be a fail…It was then that I added the teaspoon of coconut oil. (I did 1/2 bag at a time- but it took a whole bag to fill my jar.

My first jar of homemade Cashew Butter

This took about a total of 3 minutes. Next time I am going to try a combination of nuts. I really enjoy the mixed nut butters. The great thing about making it yourself is you are in control of your own ingredients and can customize it to your own taste. Let me know what are some of your favorite types of nut butters to make!

Feeling very proud of my homemade Cashew Butter


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