Unexpected Adventure- Tour of my old house

Have you ever done a drive by of a house you used to live in? I suspect most of us have. I find every time I go to Astoria, Oregon. I have a hard time not driving by the house I used to own. Actually, the only house I have ever owned.

This is my family when we bought my house

I loved living here. It used to be too painful for me to drive by. It has been 18 years since I moved away. It is only recently that I am able to drive by it. As much as I loved living there- I know that that chapter of my life is over.

Me the last time I checked it out.

I do enjoy the occasional drive by when I am in the area. Today I was showing a friend where I used to live. I got caught gawking. 😳 I quickly explained that I used to live there. With zero hesitation when they asked, if I wanted to come inside. I quickly accepted. We discussed all the changes that had been done to the place.

The front of the house with the new stairway

Surprisingly most of the house was the same. It is a historic home built in 1911 and all the owners have kept the integrity of the house. I did like the changes they made. It even had the same kitchen floors- which I still like- after all these years. They did add a new door to the kitchen giving it more flow restoring it to how it was originally (long before we moved into it).

Kelly and me cooking in the Kitchen. Lots of happy memories

As much as I loved living there- they are the right people for the home now. They are taking such good care of it. I saw all the work that had done and were doing and know – I could not do that.

Getting the opportunity to stand on the upper balcony again and see that amazing view was such a treat. Being on the porch- sitting on the swing we bought 20 years ago was Amazing. They had just restored the seat. I was surprised at how much joy being there brought me. I was giddy from the experience.

20 years later – The swing is still there.

I think getting the opportunity to visit the house was healing for me. I had not wanted to move all those years ago. Life has moved on- I have had many amazing experiences that I wouldn’t have had if I still lived there. This gives me closure that I needed.

I was able to get a photograph- so I can remember the view- even if I don’t live there.

I am getting ready to move again- this was a good reminder – that even if moving isn’t the path you want. Sometimes amazing things happen as a result. I look forward to seeing what life has in store for me!

Me on a trip to Colorado- walking the trail across from my childhood home.

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