Smoothies are great if you struggle to stay hydrated- or just want to eat more fruits and vegetables.

I have really been getting back into drinking smoothies. I try to be healthy and have for years used diet to help treat various ailments.

Smoothies can be made from almost anything- avoid adding sugar- there is no need- there is plenty of sweetness from the fruit.

There is much to be learned about COVID-19 and being a long Hauler. They don’t know what role nutrition plays in recovery. But one thing they do agree on, is the importance of drinking lots of fluids. When my fluid intake is low, I find that my symptoms are worse.

Hydration- seems so easy. Yet, I find it to be incredibly challenging. I have struggled my whole life with dehydration. I don’t get thirsty. I often forget to drink water. I walk around all day with my water bottle and then I realize oh crap- I forgot to drink anything today. One of the ways I am helping combat this problem is by drinking smoothies. They are packed full of nutrients- And best of all they are liquid!

Today’s smoothie:

1/2 banana

A peach

2 cups fresh kale

2 Tablespoons Almond Butter

1 tablespoon Chia Seeds

2 Tablespoons Hemp Seeds

Approximately 2 1/2 cups water

There are tons of great recipes on the web. Honestly- I toss in whatever I have in my fridge and freezer.

Another advantage to smoothies is it is so great if an easy meal for when you are tired and don’t have the energy to cook. This is a frequent problem when you have chronic fatigue and or are a Covid Long Hauler.

I recommend adding greens to get veggies in.

Whether you have COVID-19 or Chronic Fatigue. I recommend adding drinking more smoothies to your health regimen. They are a great way to improve your health.

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