Camping at Olympic National Park with no reservation

Do you ever decide you are going to go on a last minute camping trip only to be discouraged; when you go to make a reservation? This has happened to me all too often! I miss the days when you didn’t need to plan six months in advance to go camping!

I know from first hand experience just how frustrating it can be to struggle to find a site. I have had to drive several hours in Search of sites on many occasions (not here- this is my first time to Olympic National Park

When we decided to go on a last minute trip to Olympic National Park, I looked and as expected, all sites were reserved. I then looked to see if there were any first come first serve sites- and indeed there were. let the adventures begin!!!

Happy to be in the tent!

We decided to head to the west side of the park. We got an early start to increase our chances- but were prepared that we might not find a camp site- and may need to camp in the National Forest.

The view from our campsite at South Beach At Olympic National Park

We couldn’t believe our luck when at noon on a Sunday we pulled into South beach campground and saw amazing views and plenty of spots to choose from! We could not have been more happy! We had grass under our Tent, breathtaking views of the beach from our entire site. A fairly clean bathroom with flush toilets. Yay!!!

Setting up camp

The beach was gorgeous. It was a semi private beach- only used by the people from our campground. It has a steep path to get to the beach- but worth it!

Enjoying the sunset from our beach
Isn’t that just gorgeous????

My biggest complaint with the place is that I couldn’t just hang out and enjoy it! We were too busy exploring the park. I would have liked to spend a few nights here just relaxing.

We all enjoyed the sunset- including Jack!

I guess the days of last minute camping trips aren’t over!

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