Who doesn’t want to ride a camel

Who doesn’t like to try new and different things? When I saw they had Camel Rides in Pacific City- I of course wanted to do it! Unfortunately, for one reason or another it never worked out- until now!

Camel Rides in Pacific City Oregon

So when I planned this trip to the Oregon coast- riding a camel was high on the list. It is the kind of thing you do for the novelty. It was only $15 for the ride. Not a bad investment for a new experience.

I felt a little silly to be waiting in line to ride a camel. My Mom convinced me to do it, when I started to change my mind.

My Mom climbed the platform to get photos. 😀

One doesn’t realize how very tall a camel is- until you go to ride on one. I also was surprised just how firm the hump was.

Carefully getting on Frank the Camel

I climbed the 6 stairs to the platform. I carefully climbed onto Frank the Camel. I didn’t want to hurt him after all. After I was settled, John the owner walked us in circles around the arena. Frank’s best friend Calvin watched on the side lines. The two camels are best friends and don’t like to be apart.

Calvin the Camel

As we rode around the arena. John was very happy to tell me all about the camels. They are clearly very well cared for and loved.

Me and Frank Camel with Calvin the Camel while the owner John led us around.

Life is way more fun when you play like a kid. Sometimes as adults – we get so busy being adults, we forget to have fun. It was a fun experience! Soon John plans to take the camels on rides up to the top of the dunes. That would certainly be a blast! I guess I will have to come back!

I was really glad I did the camel ride. In the old days my favorite beach activity was going for long walks on the beach- with periodic splashing in the waves. But now, as a Covid Long Hauler, I have to keep my walks to a minimum. Doing little activities like this reminds me that I am still able to do many things!


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    1. I am too! It was fun! 😀. I almost didn’t do it – because Jack was scared of the camels and barked from the car. The camels were unfazed- I moved the car away from the camels- but I felt like maybe it wasn’t worth the effort. I am glad I wasn’t deterred. I did want to do it.


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