Learning to breathe

Breathing is a requirement for life. So when I was assigned breathing exercises as part of my physical therapy for Long Covid. I thought these exercises were pointless!

I am currently having a bit of a setback (been overdoing it recently- the constant story). Yesterday my blood pressure was 205/111 not acceptable. My physical therapist had me do breathing exercises and I was able to get it down to 146 a much more acceptable number.

Jack is happy to help with breathing exercises!

But learning to breathe seems to be one of the single most important things in my recovery (so far). I often struggle with my heart rate going crazy high with minimal exertion. I have found that pursed lip breathing exercises really help! It is truly remarkable to see my heart rate lower when I do Breathing exercises .

Breathing exercises can be done anywhere. I often do them after getting in my car from doing errands.

Last night my heart was racing and I just meditated and focused on my breathing. I could slowly feel my body start to recover.

Just Take a few minutes to breathe

On top of relieving physiological symptoms. Deep breathing can reduce stress and anxiety. If you haven’t developed the practice of breathing – I would I highly recommend it. The more I utilize these techniques, the easier and more automatic it is for me to use then when my body is under physical or emotional stress.

Breathing exercises

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