Accommodating your adventures- when you have Long Covid

I am all about adventures.. Recently, I have been cooped up in my house unable to do my normal adventures. I am someone who likes to constantly be on the go. It has been absolute torture for me to not be able to do the little adventures I normally would do.

Hanging out with Jack watching TV

I got COVID-19 in July 2020 and although it appeared to be a “mild” case – I am still dealing with the debilitating effects of it. Long Covid is a constant battle of Peaks and Valleys. I will think I am all better- but when I attempt to lead my normal active lifestyle- I will then crash and burn. In March- I had a huge setback and I have been inching my way ever so slowly back to recovery.

This is Jack and me on a good day! Unfortunately, I had a setback after this outing. A little too much for me.

I have begun to learn how to balance my exertion. I learned that I have to significantly reduce my energy output, to increase quality of life. This includes mental and physical energy. Through pacing I am able to do little outings.

Jack loves hanging out in car more than walks . So our picnics in the car work out great!

Most days my outing consist of getting a coffee and then going and sitting in my car enjoying a beautiful view with my dog Jack. We are sometimes able to go for a very short walk – 10 min. I find currently if I do more than that, I will have a setback. For someone who is used to doing 15,000-25,000 steps a day this is absolute torture. But I am learning to enjoy sitting and observing.

Learning to sit and observe.

Yesterday, I decided to attempt the drive to the coast and Back. It is 1 hour and 45 minutes drive each way. This was a huge undertaking for me. Jack and I loved getting out!

The walk to the beach is just a mere 100 yards. I couldn’t park in the closest spot, much to my dismay. I knew the extra 20 feet were taking precious steps away from my steps on the beach. My legs were kind of shaky yesterday, so I knew that I should not walk far. I barely get onto the beach and set up my chair to sit.

Unfortunately it was extra low tide. So walking all the way to the water was simply too far for me to go. I did walk closer than I should have- attempting to make it possible for Jack to play in the Ocean. He runs in circles around me- but doesn’t go too far. He did got close to the water. But I could not walk far enough, for him to play in the water. I had left my chair at the entry- and my legs needed a break. I sat down in the sand to rest. Watching Jack run and play filled me with such Joy. He gets nervous when I sit down- so he wanted to escort me back to the car.

Jack running on the beach

Getting to enjoy the fresh ocean air even briefly was amazing. (Total walk was less than 1/2 mile). I decided to drive to the Astoria column where we could sit and enjoy the stunning view. I did get out and walk a loop around the parking lot enjoying the view on all sides. This was really difficult for me. I will be honest, I would have not left the car, if I didn’t really need to use the bathroom. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I then went to my absolute favorite restaurant Bridgewater Bistro in Astoria to sit and watch the view from their amazing patio. Dogs can be on the patio. Unfortunately, the patio was reserved. So I got dinner to go- and Jack and I sat and enjoyed the view from the comfort of my car.

It was a great outing. I was completely exhausted when I arrived home. I am thrilled that it seems like I paced myself ok. I didn’t wake up with the brain zapping pain. I am still tired. But that is a constant for me. I will take it easy today. I am glad I am learning to accommodate my illness so that I can begin to explore more.


  1. Dear Sarah,

    Thanks for sharing your story. This is a wonderful new addition to your blog.

    I saw the ad on your blog for Arctic Air. I ordered one for you on Amazon. It should be there July 1 or 2. I sure hope it works. It should make it possible to cool the bedrooms. It’s definitely worth a try.





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