One to healthy eating is making food pretty

One key to healthy eating is making it pretty. How many of us when we go out to eat- take a picture of the beautiful food and post on social media? I know that I do. πŸ˜€. We do this because we first eat with our eyes.

These bright colors are enticing

Many times when one tries to eat healthy- they are not used to eating fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. People are way more likely to try and enjoy new foods, if they are pleasing to the eyes. This is an interesting article about Eating with your eyes.

Parents are always trying to figure out how to get kids to eat more healthy foods. Food presentation encourages kids to eat more fruits and vegetables . What surprised me about this article was the fact that you don’t need to hide healthy ingredients to get kids to eat healthy foods. A simple thing like serving food in a pretty bowl can draw kids to the healthy foods.

This article about Eating with our eyes first was discusses the science behind eating with our eyes. . What was particularly interesting, food is better absorbed by the body of it is pleasing to the eyes.

This just makes me want to eat the salad and the strawberries are enticing!!!

So when eating healthy. Pretend you are on a cooking show like chopped and part of your score is presentation. If you make presentation part of your food presentation. I bet you start eating more healthy foods! Take time to enjoy your food with all your senses.


  1. You really are so good at making your food look beautiful when served. I’m trying to do better on this too.


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