Stop Walking With Your Eyes Shut Day #6 – Mind your Additude

Today I decided to go across the River to Washougal Waterfront Park I enjoy going here on a sunny day because you can often see Mt Hood and the Columbia River at the same time. Mountain and River at the same time- magical!

The Pacific Northwest is gorgeous

Today there were a few clouds blocking my view of Mt hood. This did not take away from the experience. Today I realized it is all about attitude. It would be easy to get disappointed that the top of Mt hood was not visible today. Instead, I looked around and thought- Wow! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Jack and I taking a moment to just enjoy the moment

I sat on a bench just feeling the sun hitting my face, enjoying the breeze across my face. As I was sitting here I saw a cruise ship go by! That was a beautiful sight. The ship created a beautiful ripple of waves across the shoreline.

Who doesn’t love boats?

The kids playing along the Rivers edge were squealing in delight! It would be easy to get annoyed by their squealing and think to yourself- how much better it would be if you could enjoy nature without that noise. I looked at the kids playing in the water and it brought a smile to my face. What could have taken away from the experience was truly my favorite part. If only we all could experience the world like children.

Hearing the kids squeal in delight was magical

One of the reasons I picked going to Washougal/Camas for my walk was the drive. Just ask Jack- the drive is sometimes the best part. It is a beautiful drive from my house to the trail. Today I enjoyed not only the beautiful views of the Rivers, Mountain, wildflowers, I noticed the beauty of Camas as well. The historic downtown is charming and the neighborhoods are full of adorable homes. I will have to explore Camas more. Here is a article on spending the day in Camas.

This is such a relaxing place to visit
Jack thinks the car ride is the best part. Seeing his joy- makes it even more special for me.

As the days go by in this challenge- I notice it is easier to stay positive. The more I focus on my energy on the good in my life – the happier I am. Seems obvious. why is it that it is so easy to get bogged down by life and miss out on the good?

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