Stop Walking with your Eyes Shut Day #5

Today I switched it up and looked for the beauty when I was doing my medical tests at the Doctors office. Most of the hospitals are sterile and lacking in obvious beauty.

Look at this Gorgeous Rhododendron outside the parking garage

This raised the question- would people heal quicker and have better outcomes in more beautiful hospitals? This made me look for The 25 most beautiful hospitals. According to Beautiful hospitals organization it is about creating a comfortable and healing environment inside and out. The beauty is defined not just in physical beauty- but in care as well.

What I did notice as I walked around the hospital the grounds are beautiful with many beautiful plants that you can see from the windows. They have artwork on the walls- they may not make the most beautiful hospital- but all the staff I saw today were incredibly friendly.

But my favorite part of my outing was my post test coffee! Look at those bubbles on my Oatmilk Cappuccino. Beautiful and Delicious

I think that hospitals need to continue to take efforts to make hospitals a beautiful place to heal. 🌺


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