Stop Walking With Your Eyes Shut day #2

Have you ever taken a picture and when you look at it- you see all things you missed. That was my experience today.

These are beautiful. Yet literally everyday I step out of my house and think – man that bush is ugly. But as you can see it is actually quite spectacular!

I have been taking pictures during this challenge because it helps me really focus- trying to get a beautiful picture. I took a picture of a cool stump- but to my surprise- there were a couple of snails curled up there. I would have missed seeing them if it were not for this challenge.

Hello 🐌 Snail! How many other little creatures do I walk right past?

Today wasn’t as relaxing as yesterday- Jack wasn’t in the mood to go out. But it was good for us both to get out and Just BE in nature.

Jack took time to meditate in the water. He was content to just sit and enjoy the water all around him.

On Today’s walk it was a combination of beautiful man made things.

Of course I had fun capturing some of the natural beauty as well. Doing this exercise gave me something to look forward to all day. It is fun to take time to enjoy the beauty. I can already see the positive effects on my mood it is having.

Here is a article on mindfulness that I liked:


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