Stop walking with your eyes shut Day #1

Why do we walk around with our eyes shut? Most of us have 2 eyes yet we don’t really use them. Our brains are so good at filtering through all the details, that our eyes are bombarded with each and every second. we miss seeing so many amazing things.

I always think this guy is gorgeous

Today I challenged myself to go for a walk and pay attention to everything beautiful I saw. At first I found myself looking for flowers. But then some beautiful leaves caught my eye. Then I noticed how many different sizes and shapes of leaves there are. I walk this trail almost everyday. But today was the first day I truly saw it’s beauty.

The more I observed – the more beauty I saw. Soon I realized everything was truly beautiful- even the plane flying overhead.

I found myself after the walk driving home and seeing my neighborhood for the first time. I saw many beautiful things that I had not seen before.

This was truly a eye opening experience. I challenge you to take those blinders off and share with me what are things of beauty you have previously missed

This is a great exercise- because it helps you stay in the moment which is good for stress reduction. Plus you will be amazed at the beauty everywhere! I am going to challenge myself to do this for a week. Do you want to join me in this challenge?

Jack and I had a great time. This time of being truly present with him and nature made this walk extra special

Here Is a post of mine on mindfulness and meditation


  1. This morning I woke up and sat on my front porch. Expecting it to be cold. Surprisingly it didn’t feel that way and I sat for awhile listening to the morning song of the birds. The more I listened the more I realized how full the trees are with birds! Their songs are beautiful.


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