Traveling with the clothes on my back to Hawaii

Anytime I travel and have a morning flight- I can’t sleep the night before. I am so anxious that I am going to oversleep and miss my flight. Well…Today that nearly happened. My luggage did miss my flight.

The luggage was packed full of stuff for my daughter

I roll over in bed and see the sun peaking through my window. Then I realize – oh crap! It should still be dark!!! What time is it??? It is 7:25am- my plane boards at 7:30am!!!! Panic – does not even begin to express my emotions!!!

My daughter Kelly lives in Hawaii- it has been 13 months since I saw my baby and I was sure that I was going to miss my flight. I was devastated.

The last time I saw Kelly before the Pandemic

My Mom convinced me to just drive to the airport- mind you- my Mom isn’t comfortable driving my car (she is in town to take care of my dog Jack). But now she is forced to drive my car home from the airport. Thank you Mom!

I arrive at the airport hair unbrushed I ran to my gate and made it just in the nick of time!!! And score I got the row to myself!!!!

I literally thought I was going to have a heart attack from the stress and the running. I was in the hospital last week for chest pains and had an angiogram. The results came back normal- but does not explain the two weird stress tests I have had. I am still weak and recovering. This is not what I needed.

But I am on the plane- looking forward to seeing my daughter and her Husband. That will truly be the best medicine. 😀

Happy to be with my daughter and her husband.


  1. NiCE article, but I can’t believe you’re blogging while you’re in Hawaii. I guess this means you haven’t adjusted well to Hawaii time and Kelly and Donovan are sleeping. Is that right?

    All is well here. Jack and I have made two trips to Fred Meyer today, and on the earlier trip we went for an extra ride to the end of Halsey.





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