Shepherd’s Dell Waterfall- Don’t accidentally drive on by! Historic Columbia River Highway- Corbett, Oregon

The Shepherd’s Dell Waterfall is absolutely stunning! It is located right off of the Historic Columbia River Highway. It is a quick stop as the trail down to the falls is closed due to Covid-19. But don’t let this deter you. There is a absolutely fantastic view from the bridge . I had driven down this road several times without stopping- that was a mistake!

There is a great view of Shepherd’s Dell Waterfall from the bridge

Shepherd’s Dell is a magnificent waterfall that anyone can enjoy as no hike is needed to view it. 😀

If you would like more information on Shepperds Dell waterfalls, I highly recommend visiting Waterfalls Northwest they have a great article with a ton of information and history of the Shepherd’s Dell Falls

Picture of the Bottom part of Shepherd’s Dell Waterfall Corbett, Oregon

Exploring the Historic Columbia River Highway should be on everyone’s bucket list! The more I explore it – the more I love it! The Historic Columbia River Highway runs from Troutdale, Oregon (Just East of Portland) to The Dalles, Oregon. Map of the Columbia River Highway (not all parts are open to cars). If you are all set to explore The Historic Columbia River Highway- I recommend looking at Trip Savvy Scenic Drive along Columbia River Gorge .

Picture of me at Bridal Veil Falls Columbia Gorge Overlook

For those budget travelers (like me) This is a free thing to do near Portland, Oregon! Free monetarily but rich in beauty!

I am fortunate to live near the Columbia Gorge and the Historic River Highway. I have been taking my time exploring all the beauty and splendor that the Columbia Gorge and the Historic Columbia River Highway provide. The more I explore- the more I love Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest! Regardless of if you have a day or a lifetime to explore- You will love it!

Stay tuned for my next adventure! Any recommendations?

My List of Adventures on the Historic Columbia River Highway:


Bridal Veil Falls the Perfect Mini Adventure

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