It literally rained monkeys at the Tapiche Reserve!

The Tapiche reserve was one of my highlights of my trip to the Amazon. If you love nature and animals you will love the Tapiche Reserve. You get the opportunity to see the animals in their natural environment. Truly amazing. I was able to see the monkeys, toucans, Macaws, tree frogs, Caiman, pink dolphins and fulfill my dream of seeing a sloth! If that wasn’t enough- their mission is conservation and you will have opportunities to help with that some too.

It is an adventure to get there as well. From Iquitos you will travel by bus for about 45 minutes. Next you will travel by boat another few hours- and then you are about half way there. You will be greeted by your guide in small village, take a bumpy tuk tuk ride to a small restaurant where they provide you lunch. Next you will hop on an open airboat and travel another 4 hours to the reserve (don’t forget your raincoat- it rained hard on our way home). There is a 3 night or 5 night option. Next time I go, and I do hope there is a next time- I would choose the 5 night option. There was still so much more to explore! I really had fun. No matter which option you choose it will be great! But if you are looking for a fancy resort than- keep looking. There is no WiFi, the food was delicious

No need for stilettos 👠 at the Tapiche Reserve. They do provide you with the mud boots which are a absolute must! I would also recommend a mosquito net. It makes quite the fashion statement!

We got up very early each day with some Peruvian Coffee and breakfast- I am not a fan of oatmeal but they served the best oatmeal I have ever had. I seriously want some now. We had very full days exploring. Each day was different. I could not say which was the best. Hiking in the rainforest, climbing the rickety tower, going across the lily ponds, taking boat ride to see the pink dolphins and see the Amazon at night. They bring a sack lunch for you and snacks. As you explore with your guides – our guides were Jose (who was on my team in the international raft race) and Murillo the founder of the Tapiche Reserve. They both were amazing. They made sure we were all safe and when they spotted something we would stop and take time to quietly enjoy the wildlife. We were encouraged to not talk to maximize our wildlife spotting. This added to the experience. I found I was completely absorbed in the moment and the beautiful surroundings.

One of my favorite stories was when We went out with Murillo and as we stood there observing the monkeys- they came closer to us and were jumping around the canopy of the rainforest above us. It was literally raining monkeys. I wish I had been able to capture this experience.. But it is a moment I will never forget.

Another great story that I must tell is: about when we went on our evening boat trip adventure and saw a caiman. Jose knew that I was terrified of Caiman. This was something that came out during our amazon raft race, and during our earlier sightings of caiman on other days. We came up to this Caiman and were about 6 feet away. maintaining our social distancing… I was already scared. Jose- for my benefit stuck a paddle in the water and the caiman lunged at it. I freaked out! I literally threw myself into the arms of the guy sitting next to me. I then was screaming- is he in the boat? Where is he? The whole boat was laughing. I was too- once I was sure that he wasn’t in the little boat with us! Having competed with Jose on the same team in the race. I consider him to be a friend- I must add that he knew that I would appreciate his joke and the experience. I would not want you to think that he was being mean- because he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body!

Right after this the Caiman lunged at the boat- nearly scared me to death!

There are so many stories to tell. I could spend days sharing with you. But you will have to go yourself, to fully experience it. But this just gives you a taste of the adventure. Just thinking about this trip makes me want to go back!

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