Don’t tell my ex-husband…Tea really does help! Surviving Coronavirus with Mindfulness Day 3- Mindfulness exercise with taste

Whenever anything went wrong or I was having a bad day- my ex would turn on the kettle and make a pot of tea. I remember telling him that tea didn’t solve anything. Well- in a way we were both right. It doesn’t take away the problem. But it might help us cope with it better.

Enjoying a cup of tea

So if you are feeling a little overwhelmed- sit down and have a cup of tea- coffee would work for this too. Close your eyes and notice the tastes in your mouth. Notice the warmth as it goes down your throat. Just really focus on all of the sensations you are experiencing. Believe it or not- this simple exercise is a form of mindfulness.

I have had a little fun with this exercise. I did a little tea taste test. I normally drink PG Tips. I am out so I have been drinking other brands. So I tested Yorkshire and Twinnings. As I sipped I just really focused on the flavors. Again- this is a little unorthodox to do mindfulness exercises as a taste test. Because truly mindfulness needs to be without judgment- it is neither good- nor bad- it just is. But for me it helped me really focus on each mouthful. The whole point is to do mindfulness exercises as much as possible.

I drink a lot of tea and I really enjoy sitting on the couch slowly sipping a cup of tea with my eyes closed. I am making a habit of starting and ending my day with this 15 minutes of calm everyday. What better way to start and end your day than with a cup of tea. I do recommend a herbal tea for bedtime. 🙂

I am finding these mindfulness exercises helpful. I would love to hear your thoughts. Scroll to the bottom of the page and it will have a spot to comment.


  1. Deepak and Oprah are offering free access to their 21 day meditation. I’m trying it and thought you might want to also 🙂


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